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The Chair of the Board of Trustees is Mr Maurice Jones.

The Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees is Mrs Dorothy Dodds.

The Chair of the Board of Trustees can be contacted via

Shared Vision Learning Trust Governance documents are available for public inspection, excluding from any item any personal information relating to Trust employees, pupils or any other information considered to be confidential by Trustees. Please contact Mrs E Campbell, Company Secretary via with your request.


Mr L Goodwin (also a Trustee)

Mr D Holmes

Mr J B Armstrong (Member Appointed)

Mr N Lindsay (Member Appointed)

Mr J Conway (Member Appointed)

board of TRUSTEES 


CHAIR : Mr MD Jones (Member Appointed)
VICE CHAIR: Mrs D Dodds (Member Appointed)
Mr L Goodwin (Member Appointed)
Mr J McKellar (Member Appointed)
Mrs A Rowcroft (Member Appointed)
Mr S Masterman (Member Appointed)
Mr N Fletcher-Holmes (Member Appointed)
Miss R Iveson (Member Appointed)
Mrs C Scarr (Member Appointed)
Mrs J Ford (Staff)
Mrs S Hirst (Staff)
Mr A Emmerson (Parent Elected)
Vacancy (Parent Elected)


Mrs E Campbell