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The Chair of the Board of Trustees is Mrs Judith Gainsborough

The Chair of the Board of Trustees can be contacted via



Mr L Goodwin (also a Trustee)

Mr D Holmes

Mr J B Armstrong (Member Appointed)

Mr N Lindsay (Member Appointed)

Mr J Conway (Member Appointed)

board of TRUSTEES 


CHAIR : Mrs Judith Gainsborough (Member Appointed)
VICE CHAIR: Mrs D Dodds (Member Appointed)
Mr L Goodwin (Member Appointed)
Mr J McKellar (Member Appointed)
Mrs A Rowcroft (Member Appointed)
Mr S Masterman (Member Appointed)
Vacancy (Member Appointed)
Mrs J Ford (Staff)
Mrs S Hirst (Staff)
Mrs C Cooper (Parent Elected)
Mr A Emmerson (Parent Elected)


Mrs E Campbell